Israel and the Covenant

Wonderful facts to know:

The sect of the Nazarenes is more properly called the "NATSARIM" and these are a "first fruits" group within ISRAEL, the body of Mashiach, His wife, consisting of all the tribes of Israel.

ISRAEL is a people on the Earth that obey the Covenant of Yahuah; and there is no covenant of any kind with Him except the one He has made with Israel.   Christianity is a Greek word that describes a "way" that is about the Messiah of Israel, however it is not in fact the same religion (way) that Messiah actually practices (walks in) and teaches.  This religion, "Christianity", is not found anywhere in the text of Scripture.  The "citizens of Israel" (Eph. 2:8-13) represents the only people who will be redeemed, and who have a Redeemer.  The Creator, Yahuah, intends for all mankind to obey Him, and live by His TORAH (instructions), which produce 9 "fruits" (Gal. 5).   Foreigners must engraft into Israel by way of the Mediator of the Covenant, Yahushua.  To claim to have the Mediator, and not have the Covenant itself, is the main problem with Christianity.  Anyone who claims to follow Yahushua, yet does not keep His Commandments, deceives themselves.  Most are either controlled by "sacraments" (Catholics), or programmed with misunderstandings from "sound-bites" of Scripture taken out of context.  Many people, especially "Catholics", assume that there has been a "line" of authority passed down through men.  This "line" (papal succession) teaches against the actual Covenant, usurping for itself what it has no authority to claim.   In the true Body of Mashiach, their is no hierarchy (nicolaitanism), nor a "line" through which authority passes.  All are fellow brothers and sisters on level ground with one another, and their fellowship is based on their being in the COVENANT, not based on being a "member" of a particular group.  Their citizenship is not in any man-made organization, but only in what Scripture calls ISRAEL.  Outside the Covenant, there is no fellowship with Yahuah, nor the rest of the Body of Israel. 

Again, ISRAEL consists of those who OBEY THE COVENANT OF YAHUAH.

To claim "I am a descendant of Abraham" will have nothing to do with the determination of who is of ISRAEL.  It's not about who you are, but about Who Yahuah is, and your relationship with Him through His Covenant with IsraelObey the Covenant, and you are Israel.  Don't obey, and you're cut-off from Israel, His people.  Believe it, you don't want to remain "LO AMMI", or "not My people".  Those who are "LO AMMI" must become "AMMI", MY people.

Israel is a people who are not only OBEYING the Covenant, but people who TEACH it to the nations (goyim).  We are PRIESTS to the nations.  All who are of Elohim Yahuah listen to us.





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Nazarene Israel (better, Natsarim Yisrael) is the first fruits of a great harvest here in the end of days, the "watchmen" (Natsarim) crying out on the "hills of Ephraim" -  YermeYahu/Jeremiah 31.


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