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Wormwood Printed Book

Wormwood Printed Book
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Wormwood Printed Book

This book reveals how a root of bitterness toward obeying Yahuah’s Word grew up in the early forms of Christianity, and how they persecuted Natsarim they encountered who kept the Commandments.

Keeping Commandments was considered heresy to the church fathers, and doctrines developed based on the patterns of Sun worship.

The Roman Timeline of dogmas and bulls reflects a close similarity with Hinduism, and now the Information Age is causing an awakening.

You will see the distinction between one who serves Yahuah, and one who does not serve Him. This book may be a great starting point for sharing the naked Truth with those who are fast asleep in the dream world of religion. The Alexandrian church fathers disassociated themselves from all behavior resembling what we see in Scripture. Anyone who observed Torah or used terminology reflecting similarities with the Yahudim was taxed by the Fiscus Judaicus, and the revenue was sent to support the Sun worshipping magisterium of Rome.

The final blow to wormwood is the revealing of who Easter is.

When Christians learn that Easter is Ishtar, the Harlot of Babel, they will see they were in the Mother of Harlots. This awakening will break the spell of wormwood, and the bitterness toward obedience will vaporize. 112 pages
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