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We Are Natsarim (10 Printed Articles)

We Are Natsarim (10 Printed Articles)
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We Are Natsarim (15 Printed Articles)

The true identity of the first-followers of Yahusha of Natsarith is being discovered after almost 2,000 years. We can be identified by our behavior, and it is plainly described by Scripture at Revelation 12:17. What we were originally called is found at Acts 24:5. How we were suppressed by the beastly World Order is revealed in this short article. In these last days we are crying out from the “hills of Afraim” as the prophecy at YirmeYahu 31:6 tells us.

We are the branches of the teachings of Yahusha, the ambassadors sent ahead to announce the coming of the reign of Yahusha. Nothing of the reign of Babel will survive the Second Coming. The Day of Yahuah is almost here, and we will announce it with the words of YashaYahu 25:9. We Are Natsarim, the Guardians of the Word and the Name.

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