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Valentines Day Origins Video

In this 25-minute video, Lew and his wife Phyllis discuss how the customs and symbols of Valentine’s Day originate in pagan fertility practices. Bacchus was the Roman deity of wine orgies. On his head he wore a wreath of ivy leaves. The ivy leaf shape is interpreted as a heart today, and represented Bacchus’ symbol for orgy. The word “debauchery” originates from the name Bacchus, and orgiastic revelry festival was called Bacchanalia. This custom is perhaps the most unclean of all pagan fertility practices, yet parents and schools revel in it as they teach our children to perform it. It is also available as a free PDF download, or printed tracts for a small fee. From the PDF you can make your own copies yourself or by emailing it to any nearby copy shop. Order the DVD from this page, or download the file to print tracts at this link, or order the printed tracts at this link.
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