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The Trinity Myth - It's gnostic origin & purpose A video seminar explaining where the doctrine of a "Trinity" originated, and how it became incorporated into Christianity. Watch the YouTube presentation on our blog. The Nicene Creed of 325-326 CE espoused the "Creed of Faith" for the new Roman religion today known as "Catholicism" (Latin for Universalism). The Catholic faith is defined by this creed as being the belief in "one God, three Persons", not redemption through the blood of Yahusha. The purpose of promoting this doctrine is to conceal the true identity of Yahusha, through a gnostic allegorical interpretation concerning the incarnation. The incarnation was debated by a young 27-year-old Athanasius, who was from the Didascalia of Alexandria. This Gnostic institution was also known as the Catechetical School of Alexandria, a school of training which allegorized (twisted) the meaning of Scripture. The opposing school, at Antioch, taught literal interpretation. After the Nicene Council, "orthodoxy" incorporated Athanasius' explanation of the "Triune God" of three Persons, instead of One Person, Yahuah, becoming flesh in the body He prepared for Himself, Whom we know today as Yahusha. The Alef-Tau identity marker is shown to be the hammer that breaks the Trinitatian doctrine to dust.