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Tetragrammaton printed book

Tetragrammaton printed book
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TETRAGRAMMATON – The Most Enduring Name In The Universe

New book release by Lew White The secrecy surrounding four Hebrew letters in their original form is without precedent among all other secrets. In spite of this, the knowledge of Yahuah will be known as the waters cover the sea. The Name is written so a generation yet to be created will call on the Name of Yahuah. The Name is on display at the Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem, but few people recognize it. The central display holds the Great Isaiah Scroll, mostly written in Aramaic, and the Name Yahuah appears in Eberith, what is known today as Hebrew. Those four letters of the Name are described by scholars as the TETRAGRAMMATON - A Greek word meaning "four letters." The ancient Hebrew script has been a secret. It's been kept hidden and mislabeled with another Greek name, PHOENICIAN, a word invented by Herodotus, meaning "date palm." Herodotus was referring to the occupiers of the eastern Mediterranean Sea's coastal region occupied by a sea people that had many colonies. These folks were highly skilled at shipbuilding. Scholars today still call them Phoenicians; but they are the tribes who eventually spread their writings across the Great Sea, and beyond. This book will show you their script, and reveal the Name hidden for ages, written as four vowels, and called the Tetragrammaton. (also available at Amazon)
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