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Sunday Origins Printed Book IRREG

Sunday Origins Printed Book IRREG
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Sunday Origins Printed Book

An 80-page Book on how Sun worship transformed itself into Christianity under Constantine. The most ancient false worship began at Babel, the city built by Nimrod. Worshipping creation rather than the Creator, men’s minds became darkened.

The host of heaven were used to name the days of the week, and so we see the first day is called “Sunday.” The teachings of Babel filtered into the whole world, and Sun temples can be found far and wide. Today, we see Christianity compulsively gathering exactly as the ancient Sun-worshipping heathen did, and they embrace the same symbols – of course the reasons have been changed by syncretism.

The seventh day of the week was blessed by Yahuah, but Constantine would have none of that. He worshipped Apollo, and issued an edict in 321 that ordered all his empire to venerate Sunday in honor of the unconquered Sun (Sol Invictus, or Apollo). Christianity obeys him still.

We are to pray our flight is not in winter, or on a Shabath day (Mt. 24) – so getting this corrected prior to His return must be very significant. You may also find the kindle version on Amazon.
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