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Spanish Two House Study Book

Spanish Two House Study Book
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Estudio de Las Dos Casas de Israel - Study of Two House Restoration of Israel

by N. B. Parrish - 59 pages in Spanish, 8.5" X 11" spiral bound

The ending of the secret of Elohim (Alahim) is revealed in the pages of this incredible work. This amazing study will be hard to put down once you begin reading it. It flows logically through Scripture, showing clearly that Israel was divided into two "houses" and the vast majority of Israel don't even know that they are. The end times -- which we are definitely seeing now -- is when Scripture indicates this monumental event will occur: The re-gathering of Israel! The "scattering" of Israel was intentional (Amos 9:9). "He Who scatters Israel will gather him" -- Jer. 31:10. Fishermen will be sent to gather them out of the nations where they were scattered (see Jer. 16:14-21).

You will see that the "secret of Alahim" spoken of at Ephesians 3 and Revelation 10 are solved through an understanding of the Two Houses: the House of Israel, and the House of Yahudah. The houses are called "two sisters" at Jeremiah 3, but are also the "two brothers" referred to in the parable of the Prodigal Son. One brother went to PaganLand for a few thousand years, and the other brother stayed with the Torah, in the Father's House, keeping the Covenant, and having the sign of the Sabbath (Shabath). Spanish version traducido por Jose Luis Vazquez.
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