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Sighted-Moon Origins DVD

Sighted-Moon Origins DVD
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Sighted Moon Origins DVD - Sighting Slivers at Sunset?

The moon rules the night, and signals when to observe the appointed-times during the year. Most consider the sighting of a crescent shape of light on the moon’s face to be the “new moon”. Others see this as the fully-built first day’s light, indicating the beginning point for the second day of the moon.

What is the source for the idea of “sighting” a crescent at sunset? Tracking when the controversy began between the “dark moon” and the “crescent moon”, we find the argument occurred in the year 767, and the founder of the Karaite sect. As it turns out, sighting a crescent moon at sunset comes from Islamic influences, not Scripture. There is no Hebrew word for “crescent” or “sliver” in Scripture that refers to the moon; but it’s in the Quran.
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