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Sighted-Moon Origins Article 10 copies

Sighted-Moon Origins Article 10 copies
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Sight-Moon Origins Article 10 copies

Scripture describes 2 kinds of moon phases: a new moon and full moon. The word "crescent" is not found in the Hebrew text, but crescents are richly utilized as pagan symbols. This is because they worshipped the “host of heaven.”

At Judges 8 there are “ornaments” described on camels which may have been crescent-shaped, and the camel's owners were pagans. Truth originates in Scripture even while traditions develop over time which have no root other than paganism or men's confusion. How the phases of the moon signal the timing of the festivals is very important to all Natsarim. Today's teachers are divided on how to determine the new moon, and this study will, at least, explain when the crescent moon entered into the picture, and from where. Tradition will always resist Truth, but at least some will be equipped to understand who changed things, and caused all the controversy.

It's each person's option to accept or deny this research, but note the Scripture texts used to prove the sighted-moon was not used by Daud and Yahunathan. The sighted-moon comes from outside sources, not Scripture.
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