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SHIPWRECKED pdf download
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Paul’s first letter to Timothy warns against teaching contrary to sound doctrine, explaining how the belief of many would be shipwrecked by teachers who turned aside from the Truth.

As the bunny and egg displays appear in the merchants’ stores everywhere, the Word of Yahuah goes unheeded under all the steeples all over the Earth. The Earth is defiled under its inhabitants, and it is because the teachers have led everyone away from obeying the Everlasting Covenant. They have transgressed the Turoth, changed the law, broken the everlasting Covenant, and the whole Earth is to be burned, with few men left. (See YashaYahu (Is.) 24 & Mt. 24)

This study is one of many others available for the next generation of Natsarim teachers. Another powerful resource is the Ambassador Package, a CD-R with over 75 articles in PDF. This tract is one of many other PDF’s on the CD-R. Use it as an outreach for prison ministries, group studies, mailings, email attachments, and more. Build-up; never tear down. Fill the world with the Truth, and not the pastors’ traditions.

You may also download this and dozens of other articles here: www.lamblegacyfoundation.com

Become a harvest worker. It’s easy to email this pdf to your nearest Staples print department and order quantities to expand Yahusha’s work. The Truth is awakening the world.
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