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Reapers Article PDF is a printable pamphlet

The scariest day of all time is described for us in great detail by a prophet quoted in part by Kefa (Peter). It concerns the harvest of the Earth, just before Yahusha returns.

Most likely, you’ve never been taught the things this article will show you. Who are the REAPERS?

They are the same as the eagles or vultures Yahusha referred to at Mt. 24, and they will be “wherever there is a dead body.” They will come on an appointed day, set by Yahuah, when He will judge the unrighteous over all the Earth. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, screaming, and nowhere to hide from the reapers. This article is the best “counter-Halloween” article you will find, and needs to be taken to every Christian pastor to ask them why they have not warned the sheep they have been set over, to teach them the Truth. The reapers can see us all now, and they know the ones sealed for protection, and the ones not sealed.
For more detailed information on the Reapers see Lew White's REAPERS PRINTED BOOK
To see a complete list of books written by Lew White go to Lew White's Books

You can also buy the Reapers pack which includes the Reapers printed book, the Reapers DVD and the Reapers article
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