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Pluralism DVD

Pluralism DVD
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  A live seminar recording on DVD on the topic of PLURALISM, presented by Lew White.  The whole world follows many false beliefs, guided by various “religions” they put their trust in.  The lost tribes of Israel have been scattered among all the Gentiles, and must awaken to the Voice of the True Creator, and return to His Covenant, before their ultimate re-gathering (Acts 3:21).  When the lost tribes scattered upon the Earth return to the Covenant in the last days, Yahusha will return to re-gather them from the distant isles and lands where they are “captive”.  They are captives, and yet they don’t even know it;  but hearing the call of their Shepherd, they come to their senses and realize who they really are, and Who He is.  Realizing this, they learn what they must do.

This DVD presentation will help sharpen your view of who you are, and why you are here.  It will show you your life has a reason, a purpose, and a final destination.   For further studies order the DVD on Syncretism - Zodiac stronghold.

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