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Parting of Ways article by Lew White 10 copies

After 70 CE a new tax was imposed on those practicing Torah throughout the Roman Empire.

One was exempt if they ceased to practice Torah. This article will reveal how one faith began to divide into two distinct groups, and how Torah was abandoned by the one that eventually became known as “Christianity”. The identity of the one they worship, and their practices, had to appear distinct. They hid the Name of Yahusha in Greek and Latin “christograms”, and one of these involves the widely-known “fish” emblem. The Greek word “fish” is IXTHUS, and it was the first and last letter (IC in Latin) that became the encoded identity of Yahusha when written.

Christianity developed without the Torah, and altered their identity to distinguish their language and practices in order to not appear “Jewish”. “But when the Son of Adam comes, shall He find the belief on the Earth?” Luke 18:8b