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Palaeo-Hebrew Ten Commandments PDF

Palaeo-Hebrew Ten Commandments PDF
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Palaeo-Hebrew Ten Commandments - PDF Download

The original letters of the Hebrew language as Yahuah's finger inscribed the Ten Commandments are now able to be seen and shared with this free PDF.

These Hebrew letters differ from the mis-named “modern” Hebrew letters because the “modern” form commonly seen is a foreign “ALEF-BETH” called Aramaic. It was picked up during the 70-year Captivity in Babel, and was a script used by the Aramaean occupants of that region. You will thrill to see the NAME in its original ALEF-BETH (alphabet), YOD-HAY-UAU-HAY which came to be replaced with “LORD” by English translations. The BYNV restores the original Hebrew letters for the Name YAHUAH.

A false idea concerning the “original Hebrew” letters has been spreading on the Internet. It is an Egyptian hieroglyphic pictographic letter combination, with only the third letter, UAU, being authentic Hebrew. There’s no physical evidence that anyone ever wrote the Name as it being shown today, and you can learn more about this in another free download, HYKSOS HOAX on this web site.
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