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Pagan Christianity IRREGULAR
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Written by a sincere Christian who searched-out the origins of numerous Christian practices. Frank reveals many common practices brought over from Paganism, and a few other things that were simply invented to control people. He reveals that most everything Christians do has nothing to do with the "New Testament" (as he calls it; we Messianic Natsarim refer to the writings of the Natsarim as the Brith Chadasha. The use of the word "Testament" is an inherited error; the Re-newed Covenant made with Yisrael as prophesied at YermeYahu 31 through the work of Yahushua haMashiach completes the redemption process).
You will marvel at the origin of: "laymen" and "clergy" (Clement of Rome) Identified as destroying the faith The fallacy of "ordination" (Augustine, Chrysostom)
Pews (discouraged face-to-face fellowship, 13th through 18th centuries)
The Liturgy, "Eucharist" Communal meal to "transubstantiation" - "HOC EST CORPUS MEUM" (HOCUS POCUS)
Steeples, stained glass windows House assemblies to Cathedrals, Cathedral schools to Seminaries
Tithes and Clergy salaries Clerical costumes
Pulpit (staged monologues) Performer - spectator practices of Greek Sophists Constantine & hierarchical leadership style
One of my favorite things about this book is how Frank provides the reader with an overview of critical Christian "Church fathers", and how they greatly influenced many doctrines inherited by Catholicism, and subsequently Protestantism. Protestants inherited everything they do from Catholicism, but they don't seem to realize it. You will learn about the specific doctrines of previous Pagans, such as Origen, Chrysostom, Augustine, Cyprian, and other men who are still QUOTED and diligently studied in both Catholic and Protestant Seminaries. Remember: all the first protestants were ex-Catholics!
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