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The banner sticker above is 4.5" x 3" and waterproof, sun-resistant vinyl. The significant thing to notice is there is a Name on this banner, with a "menorah" (lamp stand) associated with that Name. The menorah is an emblem/symbol depicting the TORAH, what Yisrael struggled to obey until the Brith Chadasha (Jer. 31:31). It is also a "tree"; in fact the "Tree of Life" (Pr. 3:18). The seven (sheba) lamps (ner) represent perfection. Yahushua told us that He would remove our "menorah" unless we repent and do the first works (Rev. 2:5). If we understand that the "seven assemblies" described in the message to the assemblies in Revelation chapter 2 are time periods of Yahushua's Natsarim, a remarkable discovery is possible. The message to the first assembly involved this removal of our menorah -- and it actually happened because they did not repent; they fell into apostasy. The very first assembly! But, Yahushua is faithful, and He has given us the menorah back, because we of the final assembly -- a small, weak flock -- have repented and returned to those "first works", His Torah.
It was Yahushua Who designed the menorah, not any mortal human. The two horizontal blue lines are significant also. Blue depicts the sapphire-blue firmament beneath the Throne of YHWH, also represented in our tsitsith, reminding us of YHWH's Torah. There's no "lawlessness" allowed in His presence, and never will be. Even law enforcement officers in many places wear blue, and have blue markings on their vehicles, since blue is a color that is intended to remind us of law, or legality. The two lines of blue can represent the first and second coming of Yahushua; and they can also represent the two houses of Yisrael, Beit Yahudah and Beit Yisrael. Another favorite metaphor I like to think of for the two lines of blue is how YHWH separated the waters from the waters on the 2nd day (Bereshith/Gen. 1:7). The expanse between them He called "heaven" (Hebrew, Shamayim). So this banner displays the "government of Heaven", and names the Name of its Ruler; and the menorah invites all who would be that government's citizens (Yisrael) to eat from the "Tree of Life", YHWH's Torah.

Hallelu Yah for giving His menorah back to us, and calling His Name upon us. His Name and His Torah are inseparable. If this banner with His Name and the menorah (being mindful that the menorah is a symbol for His Torah) is happening because it is SUPPOSED to happen, then it should be prophetically announced somewhere in Scripture. He reveals things to us before they happen. So, is there a banner with His Name on it mentioned?

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