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Name Written In Four Vowels (pdf download article)

Name Written In Four Vowels (pdf download article)
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Name Written In Four Vowels (pdf download article)

This article explains the Name of Yahuah as it was written in four Hebrew vowels.
The letters and their sounds are being misrepresented by most teachers, and this article will show why that is happening. Yahusha is moving us to speak to pastors. This tract is written to help correct the teachers, and the questions will reveal to them how far adrift from the Truth they have wandered.

It takes courage to meet face-to-face with a respected teacher with the hope they will really listen to your concerns about the lack of Scriptural content to their teachings. As we grow to know Yahusha, we perceive His reactions in our thoughts to what we hear being taught by the vast majority of pastors. However, in their controlled settings we rarely, if ever, are able to voice our concerns during the assemblies, as the Natsarim were originally able to do. (1 Korinthians 14:26) Today, the assemblies must stay silent, and only stand, sit, or sing when directed to do so. There needs to be order, of course, however the paid professionals who people look to for guidance today are failing to impart the true message the Natsarim were given to teach the nations. Yahusha is awakening us in the thousands among the weeds today.

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