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LOVE-Introduction to the BYNV

LOVE-Introduction to the BYNV
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LOVE-Introduction to the BYNV

LOVE - Introduction To The BYNV was written in response to many requests for the glossary and the preface of the BYNV to be made available for further study and witnessing.
LOVE - Introduction To The BYNV provides a peek at the preview pages of the Besorah Of Yahusha Natsarim Version (BYNV) translation by Lew White.

A reader of any English translation should be aware of what has been left out their favorite versions, and millions never realized the Name of the Creator was removed by most of them. .
The traditions handed-down to us over many generations have greatly influenced how translators have approached the Scripture of Truth. William Tyndale was a translator who used "congregation" instead of "church" and was burned at the stake for it.
Presented here is a bold, new approach that uses the Hebrew transliterations of names and places, and corrects misunderstood phrases, and all is explained in this book. This book is written from the perspective that obedience is expressed in the practices one lives by.
The introductory pages of the BYNV, as well as the Glossary, will help a reader see how much of Yahuah's viewpoint has been blocked by gentile translators who just continued with the accepted errors.
This book is loaded with questions that pastors hope they are never confronted by. Those who read about the excuses for the things people do will experience a paradigm shift, and they will never want to go back to the vomit they once lived by.
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