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KJV: A Jabbering Lip PDF download

KJV: A Jabbering Lip PDF download
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Yahuah prophesied He would speak to His people in a “jabbering lip and a foreign tongue.” Several Black Swan Events came together to make this possible:
  • The age of colonization and the global reach of the British empire
  • The invention of the printing press for mass-duplication
  • The translation of the Latin Vulgate into English.
  • The foreign peoples learned the English language by reading from the KJV.
  • The last element to complete the prophecy at YashaYahu 28:11 is the ending of the famine of Yahuah’s Word with the Information Age.
  • Now the world is primed to hear the Name of the Creator, which was withheld from them by the translations that all cascaded down from the KJV.
  • The missing Name is even admitted in the preface of the NIV.
  • The conspiracy to hide the Name is so obvious, it may become one of the greatest discoveries of the Information Age.
Every pastor should read this article.
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