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JABBERWOCK pdf download

Speaking Truth causes the false teaching authority (behemoth, beast) to roar in pain.
Those who dig into the original Eberith (Hebrew) language and script find themselves perplexed at the gross ignorance on exhibit throughout the world. Does no one care that they have been deceived to call on a nonsense word, JESUS, that is an utterly impossible word to have existed in the time of our Deliverer’s walk on this Earth?

JABBERWOCK is named after a poem many have taken to be nonsense, but yet ingeniously designed to contain imagery of Babel. At age 39, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (pen name, Louis Carroll) wrote his sequel to Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, titling it Through The Looking Glass. It contains the familiar poems Humpty Dumpty, and The Jabberwock - a play on words meaning confusion, with the Welsh term Wock, for talk. The confusion of our speech originates at Babel, yet our teachers seem to be unwilling to be restored to a pure lip and desire to remain in the same pigsty they were brought up in. As repentant children, some want to return to their Father’s household, recalling how far they have fallen from their original love. Humpty Dumpty is a metaphor for the Truth, trusted and seen as a fragile Eggman sitting on a high wall. Once what was believed to be Truth is exposed to be a lie, its power over all who trusted in it is shattered beyond repair. Men’s traditions are the patterns of Babel, and only conform to the patterns of the world. When Babel falls, the king of Babel (the dragon) will suffer the same consequences as Humpty Dumpty.

Truth matters, and so do the words we are sent to speak. If a tune is played with missing or incorrect notes, how will the tune be recognized by the indistinct sounds? (1 Korinthians 14:8)
Yahusha’s Name, culture, speech, and Torah are all rejected by most teachers claiming to know Him. Revising everything to fit the pattern (philosophies) of the world is what we are told not to do by Yahuah (Dt. 18, Dt. 30, YirmeYahu 10:2-4, Kolossians 2:8). The opposite of that has occurred, and mankind has become a prey of human traditions to the extent of becoming xenophobic toward Yahusha’s Name, culture, speech, and Torah. We, His Natsarim, are here to prepare the way for His return. Those who claim to know Him love all He has redeemed. If we do not, we lie, and the Truth is not in us.

This study is one of many others available for the next generation of Natsarim teachers. Another powerful resource is the Ambassador Package, a CD-R with over 90 articles in PDF. This tract is one of many other PDF’s on the CD-R.

Use it as an outreach for prison ministries, group studies, mailings, email attachments, and more. Build-up; never tear down. Fill the world with the Truth, and not the pastors’ traditions. You may also download this and dozens of other articles here: www.lamblegacyfoundation.com

Become a harvest worker. It’s easy to email this pdf to your nearest Staples print department and order quantities to expand Yahusha’s work. The Truth is awakening the world.
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