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Idolatry PDF download

Idolatry is mankind’s most prominent activity, and it drives the world’s economy by a yearly cycle of fertility festivals. They are not readily perceived because they are in disguise, hiding in plain sight. The Olympic games mimic the ancient worship of Zeus, whose image is prominently displayed in the central lobby of the United Nations building in New York City. The Olympic torch, cauldron, and origin of the fire is explained in this article. The days of the week are literally referring to the names of the host of heaven, inherited idolatry found all over this planet. From symbols and practices that originate in idolatry, to literal names of idols assigned to things people say every day, this tract will point out the foothills of a great mountain of idolatry that will be flattened when the reign of Babel ends, and the eternal reign of Yahusha begins. This study is one of many others available for the next generation of Natsarim teachers. Use it as an outreach for prison ministries, group studies, mailings, email attachments, and more. Fill the world with the Truth, and not the pastors’ traditions. You may also download this and dozens of other articles here: www.lamblegacyfoundation.com

Become a harvest worker. It’s easy to email this pdf to your nearest Staples print department and order quantities to expand Yahusha’s work. The Truth is awakening the world.
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