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This Hyksos Hoax pdf will show that the images being transmitted all over the Internet that claim to be the most ancient form of Hebrew are in fact hieroglyphics.

There's a "new" supposedly ancient script being promoted all over the Internet. It is based on a handful of Egyptian hieroglyphic (pictographic) characters, yet they are added to existing ancient Hebrew letters (also pictographic) to form a complete alphabet. From this chart, not the real world, a construction of the four-lettered Name of Yahuah is being seen.

The use of these letters to form the Name has never been seen as they are depicted in the real world. The "geological column" also has never been seen as it is depicted in textbooks in the real world.

The "Hyksos hoax" is going viral, and yet it is not based on the real world, only fantasy (just like the geological column). This article will explain why.

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