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Flat Earth Hoax pdf download

Flat Earth Hoax pdf download
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Flat Earth Hoax pdf download

When tall ships approach an observer on land, the tiny tops of the masts are the first to appear on the horizon. As the ship moves closer, more of the ship comes into view. If the Earth were flat, the ship would appear to be a complete object even far away, and grow in size as it drew nearer.

People are being told to reject all photographic evidence of Earth being a spherical planet, but to accept bizarre notions of a conspiracy to deceive the world. The spiritual battlefield, the human mind, is put to yet another test in this debate. Men voluntarily submit to other’s opinions readily, and the more error those opinions contain, the more likely they will deny the Truth when they see it with their own eyes. When the Earth’s shadow covers the entire face of the Moon, the evidence of its shape is overwhelmingly apparent. If the Earth were flat, a lunar eclipse would show a flat shadow on the Moon, not a sphere. If the Earth were flat, every location on the Earth would see the same stars at night, and it would be night everywhere. We know this is not the case.

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