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Fall of Babel -At the End of Days (Book)

Fall of Babel -At the End of Days (Book)
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Fall of Babel - At The End Of Days (Printed Book)

Unexpectedly, every human civilization on Earth will be faced with overwhelming and catastrophic events of epic proportion. The astrologers and prognosticators, powerful governments, and every spiritual guru will be without an explanation for what is happening, because they do not know they have been used by the king of Babel (the dragon) to mislead mankind into false expectations. The Messiah that's coming they do not expect, and the one they expect will never come.

This book will discuss the one thing that's going to take away their control, and it's the one thing every preface has explained was removed by the translators: The Real Name of our Creator.

It is the Stone the builders rejected, and that Stone will strike the feet and toes of the long-standing image of mankind's kingdoms explained by Danial to the king of Babel (Danial 2). The Name will turn the world upside-down, and Babel will fall before it, just as the image of Dagon fell when the Philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant.

Christians live in a delusional state of consciousness, somewhat like a person in a hypnotic trance. People truly believe they Ten Commandments were done-away.

Because of this, YashaYahu / Is. 24 will be fulfilled soon. The first Commandment introduces the Name of Yahuah to the inhabitants of Earth, but the Name was rejected and we were taught to call on the traditional terms we inherited from our fathers. This book will convict a true seeker of Truth of their need to change direction, and radically accept obedience as their purpose. This book is intended to expose the work of the devil in a way you've never seen before.

The workers of the devil appear as messengers of light, and this book will expose them by showing you what the devourer has taken away from us.

We need harvest workers to actively participate in sharing these Ten Words, the eternal Covenant. These Words are eternal. Danial chapter 12 explains about an unprecedented distress at the time of the end, and the wise will lead many to righteousness. To be obedient shows our love, and it is best expressed by doing the things that are pleasing to our Creator.The Fall of Babel is already beginning, and now people everywhere are learning the true, one Name of the Creator. The old order can no longer function because they admit hiding the Name of Yahuah in the prefaces of their translations. As nations begin to learn that the Stone the builders rejected is the Name, they will quickly associate it with the image shown to the king of Babel in a dream. The image of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and clay is struck with a Stone (the Name of Yahuah), and it grows to fill the whole Earth. What the Stone represents is central to the understanding of the message of deliverance. Danial 2 and Danial 12 are brought into clearer focus, as if a dense fog has been lifted from our understanding. This is a challenging book for anyone who wants to really dig into the things which were hidden from us. What the devourer has taken from us will be restored, and it will end the confusion - which is the very definition of babel.
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