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Doers of the Word Tract PDF download

Doers of the Word Tract PDF download
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Doers of the Word Tract PDF download
In just a few minutes of reading, you will take a quantum leap forward in understanding. Then, it’s only a matter of what you will do with that understanding. This study reveals a letter written in a foreign script that represents “destruction” if spray-painted on a house or business. It appears as a crescent with a dot above it, and stands for the first letter in the word NASRANI in the Arabic script for N. The connection to be made is that those who call themselves Christians are known by a former label given to them by Yahusha when He said, “ANI HA GAFEN; ATAH HA NATSARIM.” Translated into English, it means, “I am the Vine; you are the NATSARIM.” see Yn. 15:5 If you are doing the Word, or on the path to learning His Word, the adversary knows it. You will want to share this tract with Christian friends who do not yet know what Yahusha calls them.

This study is one of many others available for the next generation of Natsarim teachers. Another powerful resource is the Ambassador Package, a CD-R with over 90 articles in PDF. This tract is one of many other PDF’s on the CD-R. Click here to order AMBASSADISC!

Use it as an outreach for prison ministries, group studies, mailings, email attachments, and more. Build-up; never tear down. Fill the world with the Truth, and not the pastors’ traditions.

You may also download this and dozens of other articles here: www.lamblegacyfoundation.com Become a harvest worker. It’s easy to email this pdf to your nearest Staples print department and order quantities to expand Yahusha’s work. The Truth is awakening the world.

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