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Crime & Punishment lithograph

Crime & Punishment lithograph
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Crime & Punishment" lithograph, with the 10 Commandments quoted, followed by 2 columns quoting the specific penalties for disobedience and blessings for obedience! Dimensions: 20" H X 15" W

All Scripture! In the background, The "menorah" (lampstand)

The "menorah" image in the above background is in bright lavender, and is a low-resolution of the carving of the actual menorah depicted in the Arch of Titus at Rome. The original menorah shape was unwittingly preserved for us by Pagans! The Arch of Titus was built to celebrate the victory of Titus' regiment over Yerushaliyim in 70 CE. The image in the background appears very "fuzzy" up close so the text is easier to read, but from across the room the image is quite striking! The original golden menorah is still at Rome, hidden below the ground in a secret vault. Israel has officially requested its return from the Vatican. The menorah is a symbol of the Torah, and also a symbol of Israel, as no other symbol can compare to it in importance. It is also the symbol/sign of Messiah.
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