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Cheirographon Article Free Download

Paul’s words are twisted to cause the masses to believe the Torah was nailed to the tree.

When the Truth is understood we see how those who teach us have been used to perpetuate a false hope. What was nailed to the tree is their best kept secret. A criminal to be judged by a court of law has a prosecutor and a defender. Guilt or innocence is decided by the judge. The crimes are listed by the prosecutor. This certificate of debt is the cheirographon, a Greek word meaning "hand-writing." At Kol. 2:14 it refers to the list of our sins, it is not the list of what defines sin. Sin is an offense, a debt that can only be forgiven by someone we have offended. A Redeemer has stepped in to blot-out mankind’s debt, yet people are beguiled to believe they can continue to commit sin. The list of our crimes against us has been taken away (blotted-out) and nailed to the tree because Yahusha became sin for us, and He received the punishment for our crimes. He paid the debt owed for our sins. We are not to continue to sin.
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