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Abomination of Desolation Tract PDF download

Abomination of Desolation Tract PDF download
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Abomination of Desolation PDF download

Prophecy describes an end-time understanding of something built or set-up in the set-apart place. It’s form or shape represents the image of the destroyer of civilizations, unwittingly adopted by those who control the Temple Mount in Yerushalayim. The symbol of the destroyer is unmistakably that of Shiva, one of the Hindu trinity, represented by two witnesses: the dome and the crescent / star design. The recognition of this form and its significance in the last days before the return of Yahusha is an eye-opening fulfillment that has been overlooked by every theologian and archaeologist until now.

This study is one of many others available for the next generation of Natsarim teachers. Another powerful resource is the Ambassador Package, a CD-R with over 90 articles in PDF. This tract is one of many other PDF’s on the CD-R. Use it as an outreach for prison ministries, group studies, mailings, email attachments, and more. Build-up; never tear down. Fill the world with the Truth, and not the pastors’ traditions. You may also download this and dozens of other articles here: www.lamblegacyfoundation.com Become a harvest worker. It’s easy to email this pdf to your nearest Staples print department and order quantities to expand Yahusha’s work. The Truth is awakening the world. You can download the PDF and share it!
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