Making the Sabbath a Delight!

People have asked me how do I prepare for Sabbath, since we are commanded not to cook on Sabbath. We call the 6th day, “Preparation Day” or Prep Day for short this is the day with the pagan name friday. I can spell it out to you, but Yahuah wouldn’t want me to have the word on my lips if it can be avoided.  The reason we call it Prep Day is because this is the day you do the preparations for Sabbath which includes getting your groceries in and preparing the food you need to have for Sabbath. We don’t eat evening meals (bad for the digestion), so all I have to prepare is Sabbath Breakfast and Sabbath Lunch.

Breakfast is easy, I bake muffins. I used to buy muffin mix, then I discovered how easy and inexpensive it is to make them from scratch and avoid all the ingredients whose names I can’t pronounce (yuck). I have to bake enough muffins for the boys to sample while they are fresh out of the oven and have enough left over for the breakfast the next morning. We use our coffee maker, because it isn’t really cooking. We warm the muffins up in the oven to have the fresh baked flavor. Coffee and muffins make the Sabbath morning a delight.

Lunch is harder. There are a number of things you can make, put in an oven dish or slow cooker and warm up in the oven the next day. Our cook top is gas and we can’t use it on Sabbath because that would be starting a fire. Our oven is electric, so I use that or a slow cooker. We avoid the microwave as much as possible because there may be health issues associated with that. Some of the successful things I prepare include, beef stew, oven baked chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables, Roast and vegetables, Chili, Spaghetti, Mexican casserole, chicken cacciatore, tacos, fajitas, barbequed beef, and cold-cut sandwiches. If you aren’t sure about Kosher foods we carry a book by Todd Bennett, Walk in the Light – Kosher.

The best dishes are the ones I can prepare and transfer to a slow cooker. BBQ, stew, chili and small roasts are among these. You can put spaghetti sauce in the slow cooker, but you will need a way to heat up the noodles. I only have one slow cooker and as I write this I’m seeing the value in getting another smaller one!

Here are some hints for preparing food for the oven warm up. Make your mashed potatoes a little thinner. I like to leave some of the water the potatoes were boiled in when I drain the potatoes. This keeps the milk from over powering the taste of the potatoes when you heat it up the next day. Take an oven dish that has a cover and spray it with a olive oil. Make sure the dish has a cover or use foil to cover the top. When you warm the dish the next day, you may want to start the potatoes first because you want to start them at a low temperature (300-350). Twenty minutes later after I’ve stirred the potatoes and see that they are starting to soften up, I add the chicken to the oven because it doesn’t take as long to heat up. Next come the vegetables. Canned vegetables may be easy, but there is no food value. We shouldn’t eat just for flavor and filling. Health depends on good nutrition.
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