Rules of Engagement

A Plea to the Natsarim

Yahusha has put something in me to say that all believers in truth need to hear, and I have learned a great deal by simply writing these thoughts down. Reading, may you glean something of value from it as well. It will not be all roses and fluffy clouds to take in. Walking in the Truth is not easy in a dark world, and the way is broad that leads to destruction. may everyone who reads this understand that it’s submitted with the upmost respect and love. Please, if you start reading, I beg for you to finish reading:

First some history: I was born into the truth knowing Elohim and knowing His name, Yahuah, before I could really even talk. As I grew up, I watched a wave spread over all the earth, the Father’s name was being proclaimed on the mountaintops to ears that had never heard it before. When I was old enough to have some small understanding, I talked to many people that were filled with extraordinary zeal, they had just found a priceless gem in a field and their hearts were burning with a desire for truth. I did not know why they were so excited, to me this was normal, and I have always known it. I could not comprehend the feeling of being in utter darkness for most of ones’ life and suddenly seeing a blinding light…I still can’t, not entirely, but I have some understanding now at least. Seeing as how I was 10-13 years old it was extremely difficult to relate to how people felt, the only way I knew that the name was not “normal” is that most other people called the Creator God, Jesus, Christ, etc., and for some reason those that did would reject the true name with such unbelievable hatred.

Those that had accepted the truth were filled with such zeal, they still are, and it’s wonderful to behold now that I do have some comprehension. Over many years, since I was very young, there have been numerous winds of doctrine as well; I have seen them rise and fall, some have stayed, others have disappeared and are hardly practiced today. Those that followed these were as zealous about it as when they found the truth to begin with, as the day they became an Israelite. The truth had left them wanting more, everyone got out their magnifying glasses and searched for something that might be hidden. I’ve seen brothers and sisters take ten verses from various parts of Scripture, ignore their context and meaning, piece them together, then say “aha! I have found something new! Look at me everyone!” I’ve often wondered why this was, they completely missed the message.
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