We’ve all been praying for it and now we have it!

The Torah for Children series is an aid for parents to teach their children the Torah of YHWH.  The books are designed for children of all ages.  Portions from Scripture are simplified to make it easier for children to understand.  There are many coloring pictures and fun-filled activities throughout the books.
132 pages written by Petro Wolfaardt from Qodesh Publishers.

Find it under the category “More Messianic Books”  or click here: 


  1. Great! We are so happy that finally their is something for children to learn about the true names and to know the truth.

  2. Todah Rabah YAH……A prayer answered. When we focus on teaching the Word of our living Elohim “YHWH” to our children and grandchildren, we are building and perserving the Nation of “YHWH”. Keep the Children Torah books coming. May the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be with you and yours.

    • That is an excellent question! It is for all ages, how it is used is dependent on the age of the child. From baby up to 4 or 5 years it can be used as a reading aloud book. From ages 4 or 5 until the child can read and write, it can be used as an activity book with adult help. The reading level is very comfortable for my grandchildren ages 8, 10 and 11. In fact when I told them to read the first 3 pages, my oldest read the preface and gave me a report. :)

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