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Walk In the Light - Appointed Times

Walk In the Light - Appointed Times
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  • What are the Scriptural Appointed Times and what is their purpose?
  • Did the Creator establish new or different Holy Days for Christians?
  • Are the Appointed Times simply Jewish Holidays?

Todd D. Bennett explores thousands of years of Christian and Jewish tradition concerning the Appointed Times, often misunderstood to be exclusively Jewish Holidays. This eye opening study examines the importance of knowing and understanding the purpose and significance of the appointed times which are essentially rehearsals intended to guide those in Covenant with the Creator on the path toward restoration.

These books have excellent general information, however they are promoting another calendar that differs from the appointed times observed by the older brother, also known as the House of Yahudah.  They have been observing the festivals for thousands of years, and have insight which those being restored need to pay attention to, not privately interpret. 

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