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184 pages by Lew White This book will show you the "religion of the Creator", and that through the Renewed Covenant everyone becomes Israel by obeying Torah. Discussions on doctrines of the true faith are presented through many important topics. Anyone who is objective and honest with themselves will see clearly which side to come down on. Who really founded Christianity? What is the Creator's religion? These questions and more have astounding answers to them.

If you want to "meet" the author, you can check out this page: Lew White

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FOSSILIZED CUSTOMS : excellent read for all the WORLD!!! I mailed Lew once about the name of the son and he never responded. I wrote about the spelling of Our Saviors' name found in the CODES of the TaNaKh as written about by authors Yacov Rambsel and Dr. Chuck Missler. Spelled with a Yod Shin Waw & Ayin. . . Y'ShUA is a 4 letter name encoded hundreds of times. How did you come up with the Yahushua spelling? Even the book of Joshua is Yaw-hoo-sha, not yahooshooah? Maybe his friend past, Chris Koster(R.H.S.), is his refutation. I myself will stick with YSUA - 4 letters as HE encoded for us. :) See the book YESHUA (mis-pro) by YACOV.
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Fossilaizing Customs
Need more material in Spanish if possible or I can help on this issue to translate to this excelent work to Spanish.
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Fossilized Customs needs more references and documentation for more credibility. As for the comment about the name of the Messiah above let me ask you some questions. Doesn't the Waw have the "oo" sound? It does in YHWH, so why not in the name of Messiah? Why is the waw pronounced before the shin and not after the shin as your spelling, "Y'ShUA" indicates the waw is after the shin? The name of the Messiah has to be Y'shua according to your spelling and not Y'Usha for there is no waw before the shin.
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