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The Return of Yahusha - Book

The Return of Yahusha - Book
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New Release by Lew White. Completely re-worked fromthe former book, In the Twinkling of an Eye - The End of Days. The End of Days is really all about he Return of Yahusha, so the contents of the former book have been absorbed and EXPANDED into an exciting page-turner that will challenge and thrill those who are hungry for what to generally expect about the evenet which the whole of creation GROANS in anticipation for! Enlarged to 144 pages, the book looks into several aspects of the prophesied End Times, restoration in the last days, the Two Witnesses and their message, a better understanding of the timing of the Rapture, the ending of the "Secret of Elohim", the Elect, the Secret of Lawlessness, and Final Day of Wrath, the Bride, and much more. You can also order a download of The Return of Yahusha and have it on Adobe Reader for $6.
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Roger Booysen
In stay in South Africa a town called Graaff-reinet, no:2404
Eunice, Kekana Village, Graaff-reinet, 6280. I was in prison for 7 years and I met Yahusua there. The Set Apart Spirit reveal everything to me while I was there. Other brothers from the community of Cape Town usally came to visit me and bring me some books. I really want to ask you brother Lew White to sent me some books I only have the Scripture that is translated and it have the morden Hebrew Names. I'm unemployed now and use the local liabary's computer
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I'd also like to recieve some of your books to educate my family to the things that have been taken away from us, and also the things we have been made to follow or rather taught to traditionalize. Mainly the Fossilized Customs Book of pure revelation.
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