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The children of ISRAEL are commanded to wear tassels on the 4 corners of their garments with a cord or thread of blue in each one (see Numbers 15, Deut. 22). The purpose of this observance is to remind the wearer of the TORAH, that we are to observe and guard the TORAH always. The blue cord is a single cord, but it appears as two cords of blue in the tassel as it is seen hanging down. This has been interpreted to symbolize the two advents of MASHIACH, Who came as a suffering servant the first time; but will return as a conquering lion the second time. The blue color is symbolic of the pavement of blue sapphire (Ex. 24:10, Ez. 10:1) which is the foundation and surroundings of the THRONE of YHWH, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. No one can approach the THRONE without having the MASHIACH, and the TSITSITH (the plural form) indicate a feature of the wedding garments of the BRIDE (or wife) of YHWH, known as the CHOSEN, or selected. Our wedding garments are termed "the righteousness of the qodeshim" (saints, called-out ones). In relation to His wife, Israel, He consistently refers to Himself as "YHWH ELOHIM OF ISRAEL". Israel's obedience (righteousness) is referred to by way of a metaphor, "white robes" (as we see at Rev. 7:13).

Set of 4 tassels

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