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Sambucus Lozenges
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We use it to fights flu, colds, herpes, viruses with Black Elderberry.
30 Lozenges

Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu, doing research at Hebrew University ~ Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, has quite possibly found the answer to the influenza virus, and the common cold. It is a syrup made into lozenges, derived from the plant Sambucus Nigra, better known as the black elderberry. The man who discovered interferon, Dr. Jean Lindenman, was the supervisor at the virology lab when Madeleine was looking for a topic for her doctorial research. He suggested elderberries. "They have possibilities", he said, "In any case, I've got 10 kilos of them in my deep-freeze." As viruses cannot replicate themselves outside of living cells, they have to invade cells to survive. "If you can stop them from invading cells, you've defeated the disease", says Dr. Mumcuoglu. She tested the black elderberry proteins against the Influenza B virus first, and discovered that "they actually prevent the virus from invading the cell". The influenza virus invades cells by puncturing the cell wall with the tiny spikes of hemaglutinin that cover its surface. The active ingredient in the elderberry DISARMS the spikes, binds to them, thus stopping them from piercing the cell membrane. "This was the first discovery", says Dr. Mumcuoglu. "Next, we found evidence that elderberry proteins fight the influenza virus in another way, too. The viral spikes are covered with the enzyme, neuraminidase, which helps break down the cell wall. The elderberry inhibits the action of the enzyme. My guess is, that we'll find that elderberry acts against viruses in other ways as well."
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Apr 1, 2013
I was first introduced to black elderberry ( where this product is derived) by my grandfather. His father, who was full-blooded louisiana indian native, told him to take this for most colds or flu's and was taken by local indian's as a natural remedy for year's. I decided to go do some studying on the berry. Turns out he was more than correct. This is one of the ONLY things in the world that fights viruses. If we get the flu ( which usually comes from eating pork or being around people who eat pork) we take a syrup made from the berries with honey and clove. Black elderberry is a perspirant and will make you sweat a fever away. It's extremely good for asthma sufferers or anyone with lung infections and it will severely decrease the spread of any virus... ANY VIRUS. If you don't have access to the berries to make a " cough syrup" then this product should work great. I personally like to go natural. I have given this berry to many people with various ailments, and everyone came back surprised at what a little berry can do. There is a bit of a story behind the discovery of the anti-viral properties and totally worth studying. Sailors were telling a local physician that thier port wine could cure anything. After looking into the "port wine" story he found out that black elderberry was used to richen the color of the wine. So it would look more valuable. He even had pressure from the wineries to hush about the black elderberry! This berry can do more than any Pharmakia known to man!
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s. grieves
rhinitis turned viral with all the pollution in our town. this works slowly and reliably to clear the sinuses. I grow it also in my backyard but need the convenience of these pills when under the weather.
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Feb 14, 2013
This product is unbelievable! I have used it for years... At the first sign of sore throat or glands, I have actually "beat" coming down with illness, by taking several lozenges over a short period of time. It has antiviral properties. Wonderful.
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J. Rivera
Our family has been taking this product now for several months and we love the product. We will continue to use it daily. With all the viruses floating around these days, we were looking for something natural. Thank you for recommending it!
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