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Fossilized Customs 11th Edition

Fossilized Customs 11th Edition
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Fossilized Customs 11th Edition (Illustrated) 248 pages, by Lew White: A Messianic Israelite book explaining the Pagan origins of Christmas, Easter, Sun-day, the calendar, bells, steeples (obelisks) and much more. A unique outreach tool that will answer questions you haven't even thought to ask! If you'd like to hand someone something (in addition to the Scriptures) that contains everything you'd like to tell them, this would be the book.
All honor and praise to Yahusha!
Once again Lew has updated the information in Fossilized Customs to reflect the 25 years of study that he has made. Having the Internet to clarify his studies enriches his understanding and expands his knowledge. This edition of the book is the ultimate source for the tearing down of strongholds and false reasonings.
You can also order a download of Fossilized Customs and have it on Adobe Reader for $8.
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