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Eschaton DVD - The Last Thing

Eschaton DVD - The Last Thing
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Eschaton - The Last Thing, the Samson Option is a video seminar that looks at the application of the things described in prophecy.

The end of this world's governance by men (empowered by the dragon) will be sudden and severe for the great majority. The lender and the borrower will be in the same plight. All mankind will be traumatized by various upheavals, and then the sight of Yahusha's coming will appear in the outer reaches of space along the equatorial plane of the planet, so that both hemispheres will see His Shekinah coming like rolling lightning, and it will appear that the heavens are rolling up like a scroll.

Everything is linked to the people and land of Yisrael, as if there is a hook in the nose of all the nations. There will be a cataclysmic end to this world system, and Natsarim are here now, as ambassadors of the new reign that is coming.

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