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Apitherapy Propolis Spray

Apitherapy Propolis Spray
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Apitherapy Propolis Spray 1 fl. oz. (29.6 ml)
Purple Loosestrife Usnea
Bees have produced the Apitherapy raw honey used in this tincture. This tincture promotes tissue repair, is antiseptic, astringent, decreases inflammation and bleeding, and stimulates local immune system functions.

SUGGESTED USE: For sore throat, inflamed gums, use 2 sprays at the back of the throat or gums two to five times per day or as needed.

Wounds: After cleaning wound, spray once, 2 - 5 times daily. For stings, acne, or Herpes lesions, spray once 2 - 5 times daily.

Made by Honey Gardens Apiaries Inc
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